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Welcome aboard, foxl & shottlebop!

Started by Shanny, March 05, 2016, 11:02:49 am

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Sure is good to see you two!  8)


Yay!!  Great to see you two here!! grammaB here.  You recognize my avatar right?
T-2 dx 2/2012 FBG 243 A1c 9.5% 6/2012 A1c 5.7% 
In the 4% A1c club since July 2013.
12-2016 A1c 5.1%. 6-2018 A1c 5.3%.
No meds since 3/2015, diet controlled.  Minimal exercise.



Hi, all, I just remembered I had forgotten to stop by and say HELLO!

Wow it's really nice and big in here!  And friendly!   ;)

I see Shanny brought her emojis along ...


♥ ♥ ♥ <- these are what serves for the like button so far!  ;)


Hello!  Guess I could start posting my diet here, too, huh?   :)


No meds since June 2011
Controlled by Diet & Exercise
Member of 5% A1c Club

Blog : Metabolically Challenged


Glad to see you here Shottlebop!  I love reading what you eat and having you around!  Wish I could get the variety of foods you do.  Small town I love, but want to have the variety you do!   :D  Greedy aren't I?

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