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Re: Welcome kitty21

Started by bigskygal, June 23, 2016, 11:28:16 am

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Welcome to the forum kitty21!  Looking forward to getting to know you.
T-2 dx 2/2012 FBG 243 A1c 9.5% 6/2012 A1c 5.7% 
In the 4% A1c club since July 2013.
12-2016 A1c 5.1%. 6-2018 A1c 5.3%.
No meds since 3/2015, diet controlled.  Minimal exercise.


hello kitty, welcome to the forum.
this is a nice place to be. thr's lots of good people n info here.
My life is based on a true story.


Hello Kitty and welcome to the forum.

Tell us more about yourself. The moderators on the forum are very helpful with the newbies and will help you sort out many problems.
Partner of a Diabetic T2


Welcome Kitty

Nice to meet you. Our Introductory threads are here somewhere. It would be nice if you tell us somethings about yourself, for us to know you better.
Diabetic ?

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