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Had a good eye exam

Started by Rhiannon, August 24, 2016, 11:08:35 am

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I recently had my eyes checked for any signs of damage related to my diabetes.  The results came back clear - yay!


Rhiannon, that is great news indeed  ;D
Diabetic ?


I got mine tested about 2 years ago. Everything was clear until then, but I better get another one done asap. Thanks for the reminder Mary.  ;D
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I get my eyes checked every six months.  Over the years I have had cataracts removed from both eyes.  They implanted lens and for the first time since I was 8 I can see well without glasses, except for reading.  Modern science is wonderful in many ways.  My late father also had cataracts but he was only 27.  He had them removed and had to wear those thick glasses all his life.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Glaucoma; my doctor said it was not related to my diabetes.  He did laser surgery and resolved my Glaucoma, but he said that fix will not last forever, maybe 4-5 years, and then must be done again.   Beats going blind and they still have eye drops that can be used if the surgery does not work.   

So far after over 10 years of diabetes I have not nerve damage.....!  So far?


I get my eyes checked every year, and so far no problems.  Not even much change in my glasses in 4 years.  Dr said I could go 2 years between exams, but I am more comfortable with yearly.  Besides Medicare covers once a year so why not??
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