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Started by sam, March 03, 2016, 10:13:30 pm

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March 03, 2016, 10:13:30 pm Last Edit: March 03, 2016, 10:41:32 pm by Shalynne

The Diabetes Pub Forum is a community for diabetics.  We also welcome friends, families and caregivers of diabetics.  Like all communities, we expect our members to be good neighbors.  The best communities have clear rules that guide their members in being good neighbors.  Here are ours.


Unless otherwise noted, the following violations are subject to warning, suspension or ban:

1.   Personal attacks are NOT tolerated.   Lively debate based on facts is fine.  Name-calling, "psychological diagnoses," accusations and character assassination are not.

2.    NO sexually explicit, obscene or vulgar language, graphics or behavior permitted.  Period.  Violators will receive an automatic ban.

3.   NO racist, sexist or otherwise hateful language, graphics or behavior permitted.  Period. Violators will receive an automatic ban.

4.   Do NOT promote criminal activity.  This includes referral of members to black-market medical supplies, or posting threats to persons or property, among other crimes.
Here we come to a gray area:  cannabis, which is no longer universally illegal, but it is still widely so. Discussion of the effects of cannabis on glucose control, and on complications such as glaucoma, may be acceptable (but subject to removal at the moderators' discretion).  Members who post about highs, or where/how to obtain or cultivate cannabis, will receive an automatic ban.

5.   NO religious or political posts allowed.  The Diabetes Pub welcomes members of all forms of belief and non-belief.  The expression of belief or non-belief, however, tends to create destructive conflict that detracts from our focus on living with diabetes.  On the political side, it may be necessary on occasion to discuss the affect of public policy on diabetics.  Please keep such discussion focused on facts and actual affects.

6.   If you believe a rule has been violated, please use the Report button.  Do NOT post your complaint on the Forum.  The Report button instantly alerts the moderators, who will review the complaint, then act at their discretion.

7.   Do NOT discuss moderator or admin actions in the Forum. It detracts from our focus on living with diabetes.  Please PM (private message) the moderators instead.  We want to work with you!

8.   Multiple accounts/user names are NOT allowed.  If you believe you've created a duplicate account by mistake, please PM the moderators - we'll straighten it out for you!  Deliberate violations, however, will receive an automatic ban.

9.   All posts must be in English.  Non-English posts will be deleted.

10.   UNDERAGE MEMBERS.  At times, our discussions involve adult health issues.  Therefore, members under age 18 can post to the Xxxxxxx sub-Forum only.  (Please provide your date of birth so we can remove the restriction when its time!)

11.   PRIVACY.  Personal Information:  Do not request personal information from members.  This applies to members and professional pollsters alike.

12.   PRIVACY.  Messages and Emails.  Do not post, in whole or in part, any PMs (private messages) or emails sent to you.  Once again, please use the Report button if you believe a rule has been violated.

13.   INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.  Do not quote articles, news items, or copyrighted material without attribution.  A short except, with a link (or title and author if it's a printed piece) is usually acceptable. Never post full articles without the author's/copyright holder's permission. If you have any questions about whether a post is permissible, please PM (private message) the moderators.

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER:  This Forum is not intended as a source of professional medical advice or as a replacement for sound medical advice or practice.  Medical professionals are welcome to join our Forum, but since we cannot vet your authenticity, medical professionals are not permitted to use our boards as a venue for dispensing medical advice.  Usernames:  Professional titles (including "Doc" or "Nurse" So-and-So) and institutional or professional agency names are not acceptable usernames.


The Diabetes Pub is a community, not a marketplace - nor are we a source of marketing or scientific subjects.  Therefore, unless otherwise noted, the following actions are subject to automatic ban:

15.   Commercial ads and marketing surveys are not permitted.  This includes "subtle" links added to an otherwise relevant post.

16.   Charitable solicitations are not permitted. Unfortunately, we cannot vet such solicitations for authenticity.

17.   Student surveys are not permitted. Unfortunately, we cannot vet surveys for authenticity.

18.   USERNAMES & AVATARS.  Usernames and avatars that are obvious commercial, industrial or professional titles, domain names are not acceptable.


Members are solely responsible, and potentially liable, for their posts.  The Diabetes Pub is not liable for any member posts.

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