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LCHF and controlling blood glucose

Started by BobIA41, March 29, 2016, 03:21:33 pm

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Even with cataracts becoming worse, I still try to read as much as possible.  This blog = https://lowcarbrn.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/can-i-say-it-again-dont-force-the-fat/ does make some important points and should be a reminder to all that too much fat does not lead to weight loss especially if you don't burn enough to burn what you consume each day. 


March 29, 2016, 03:47:06 pm #1 Last Edit: March 29, 2016, 03:52:16 pm by Shanny
In the absence of carbs, fat DOES indeed lead to weight loss. It's carbs that make us fat - not dietary fat.

When people are in ketosis, both dietary fat and body fat are burned for all bodily functions, passive and well as active.


When will you have your cataracts removed, Bob? I got rid of mine six years ago, and my BH had his done this winter. It's a piece of cake - the best thing EVER! So wonderful to be able to see . . . and to see without glasses!


Shanny, I have had an infection in the worst eye - lower lid that is holding up the operation.  The eye surgeon does not want to compromise the cataract surgery until the infection is gone.  I have had it under control now, but I have an appointment next Wednesday (April 6) and if it looks good, the surgery will be Friday April 8.  If the infection reoccurs, (hopefully not) then he will lance the area again and my treatment will continue with applying antibiotic ointment and hot packs four times per day.  I am doing this now and it is looking better, but I am not the surgeon and I will wait for his decision.  The infection started with a clogged pore and expanded in the lower eyelid and hot packs wouldn't help it, so the surgeon has lanced it once - about three weeks ago and at my appointment on the 25th he gave tentative approval for the date above.


That's a huge bummer! Keeping fingers crossed for you & your appointment next week. Take care!


I too had my cataracts removed!  As Shanny says it is totally painless and nothing to get nervous about.  a few days after my surgery I experienced the best eyesight I have had since I was in like 2nd grade, without glasses!  It has been amazing, of course I need glasses to read, but what a pleaser is has been to have great eyesight...

Glad you doctor is waiting, always a good idea to be safe...

Good Luck

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