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Author Topic: FAQs  (Read 1242 times)

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« on: March 04, 2016, 12:21:59 AM »
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the forum structured ?
The forum structure is Category / Board / Topic (thread)
Example, in this case Forum Related / Feedback & Help / FAQs

How can I start a new topic ?
Choose the most relevant Category / Board for your topic. Click on the Board and on the top right above the forum click on the “New Topic” button. You can give the title of your choice to your topic and type your post in the box that opens up.

Can I edit / post to any Category, Board, Topic ?
Members cannot edit or change the names of the Category or the Board. They can start a new thread and post that as a new topic within relevant boards.

How do I reply to a post ?
When you click on a thread it will open up. Scroll down to the bottom of the thread & click on the “Reply” button. You can type your reply in the text box that opens up.

What if I want to reply to a post in between, that is not the last in the thread ?
Scroll down to the post that you need to reply to, Click on the “Quote” button on the top right of the post and type in the text box that opens up

How do I quote from multiple posts in my reply ?
First click on Add Multiple Quote and then click on Quote in the first post that you want to quote from. Your reply text box will open up with all the other posts in the thread listed below. Add additional quotes with the Insert Quote button on the right of each post.

How do I insert links to a Board, Topic or Post (message) in my reply ?
Each Board, Topic or Post has a unique board, topic or msg id number. When you click on any of these items, the browser address bar will indicate its URL. Copy and paste that in your reply/post and it will be linked to that particular item.

How do I change what I posted ?
Click the “Modify” button on the top right corner of your post to make any changes to the post that you made. The Modify Message icon is also visible below your post. However, clicking this will open only the text box but not the formatting options. 

How do I return to my post after posting ?
By default the forum goes back to the board index after you have made your post. To remain on the topic view, go to your Profile / Modify Profile / Look & Layout and check the return to Topic box. The default has since been changed to return to the post after saving the post.

How do I add Smileys to my post ?
Standard smileys are lined up above the text box when you post. To select out of the other smileys, click on the [more] button, just below the standard smileys.

How do I attach pictures or other documents to my post ?
Below the text box for a post, is a "+" sign with "Attachments & other options". Choose the document/s from your computer and Save. You can make 6 attachments to a post, with the maximum individual file not exceeding 192 kb. Maximum size permissible of all document/s put together with each post is 256 Kb.

If you wish to insert the attachments within the post, click on [Insert Attachment] to the right of the Attachments select button.

How do I add an Avatar image / Signature to my Profile ?
You can add these by going to your Profile / Modify Profile / Forum Profile. There is an option to upload your Avatar and also add your Signature with choice of fonts & colors.

How do I delete my post ?
Click the “Remove” button on the top right corner of your post to delete it.

How do I set the time to my local time ?
The default time is set to the location of the site server. You can change the time setting to show your local time by going to Profile / Modify Profile / Look & Layout / Time Offset - and enter the offset that you like. The system can also auto-detect it for you.

How do I send / receive Private Messages ?
Click the the My Messages button in the Menu and both the Send / Receive options will open up.

How do I know my Private Messages have been seen ?
Till such time that the PM has been read, it remains in the Outbox. Once read, it moves to the Sent Items.

How do I save my outgoing Private Messages to my Sent box ?
The default option is to not save outgoing messages. You can change the default to Save by checking the box under Forum Profile / Modify Profile / Private Messaging. Alternatively, each outgoing message can be individually saved by checking the save box below the text box at the time of typing.

How do I see the Recent Posts / replies to my own post ?
The Posts button in the Menu Bar will open up 4 options. Use the one most relevant to your search. The individual Categories (Boards) also have these options. Clicking on any of these will open up the recent posts / replies only in that Category / Board & not across the whole forum.

How do I insert a hyperlink in posts ? 
When posting, the Insert Hyperlink button is the 2nd from left in the 2nd row above your text box. Clicking that will insert the "url" tags at the location of your cursor. If you need some text to be the hyperlink, first select that text & then click the Insert hyperlink button. Place the link in the [url] tag like this []. The red portion being what you need to insert. No spaces should be inserted anywhere as this will disable the hyperlink.

How do I insert/embed videos & audios in my post ?
When making a post, simply add the link to the video, where you want in the post. The audio/video will be automatically embedded in your post. Most known formats are supported by the forum.

How do I increase font size ?
While making posts there are options to choose Font Face, Size & Color. If you only want to increase the screen display size while reading, try Cntrl + Scroll.

How do I use The BG Tracker app ?
All questions related to the use of The BG Tracker have been answered in the topic below.
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